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'Floating Stories'

Vaishali Oak | Chaiwala | 40” X 30” | Fabric Assemblage | 2014

It was in year 2010, ‘Game of Fortune’ an exhibition of contemporary Ganjifa’s by me alongside the Ganjifa’s from the collection of Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum were exhibited for the first time in the museum as an experiment. 2010 onwards, we have started an activity every year on 23rd of October in the memory of former director Dr. H. G. Ranade.

We are proud to present ’Floating Stories’ an exhibition of fabric assemblage by artist Vaishali Oak (National Akademi Award Winner). . Vaishali is working with fabric since 1997 and was awarded by a fellowship by ministry of culture, Government of India.

‘Floating Stories’ draws an inspiration from a huge collection of 5000 leather puppets from the museum, the works are primarily dealing with the imagery surrounded around us and the interlacing anecdotes, stories, myths and gossips. She tries to surpass the superficiality of anecdotes, stories, myths and gossips by focusing on the visuals as a primary element of her works.

Raju Sutar








an exibition of Fabric Assemblage


Vaishali Oak
inspired by a large collection of Leather Puppets at Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

23rd - 31st October 2014
between 10:00am and 5:00pm
at Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune

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International Curated Exhibitions

Every town has a small little art world, and these smaller more localized worlds are emmensely important. We intend to bring the art world closer by curating International art shows at pride of Pune city Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum (Government of Maharashtra state Aided),

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Raju Sutar
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'Floating Stories'

an exhibiton of Fabric Assemblage

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Founder Artists

Raju     Sutar    Vaishali     Oak
This work you see along side is the result of a long journey of many curves. Raju started out on an exploration of curves as the route to reach the penultimate expression of Self.
After many fabulous canvasses, Raju’s vision has taken final shape here, as he proudly proclaims -“I am That”.
Vaishali was granted a government of India fellowship to explore the contemporary visual ethics & ethos of the traditional cultural Indian medium of ‘Godhadi’ or Quilt. Her vision has traversed the figurative and abstract, to
encompass the wear & tear of time, inherent in the Indian tribal Quilt. Her
work speaks from the heart about that which is true, sad & beautiful in Indian life.

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