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'Expressions in Miniature Size' 2006

Melissa Wilkinson,USA, Tommy, Watercolour on Paper, 10 X 15 cms. SOLD

grain of salt

enormous void
mountains and breeze

a grain of salt
packed full of seas

Raju Sutar
17th July 2006.

You are cordially invited to the first inaugural annual international exhibition of art organized by Waves Art Gallery and artExperiments.com

'Expressions in Miniature Size' 2006
Antre Maitre - Switzerland, Bee Flower - Russia, Bill Golba - USA,
Godfrey Blow - Australia, Grace Law- Canada, Heather Dunn - USA, Jen Silver - USA,
Melissa Wilkinson - USA, Pradeep Nerurkar - India, Partha Roy Tom - India,
Rhiem Alkadhi - USA, Richard Waynne - Indonesia, Saniya Arif - Pakistan, Vasant Navathe - India, Vijay Gavhankar - India.

Inauguration on 21st July 2006, 5:30 pm at

Waves Art Gallery

B 204, Parmar Trade Centre,
Sadhu Vaswani Chowk,
Pune 411001.
Ph. +91 (20) 40064059

Open for all from 22nd to 30th July 2006. between 11:30 to 8:30 pm



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