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‘A Journey from Cave Painting to Modern Art’ – Painting Workshop and Exhibition


Workshop 1, held on 24th & 25th Dec. 2011

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Workshop 2, held on 11th & 12th Feb. 2012

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Workshop 3, held on 17th & 18th Mar. 2012

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Painting workshop and an exhibition for everyone (age of 15 and above), at Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Bajirao Road, Pune 411002. Jointly organised by artExperiments.com and Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune.

The workshop for understanding basics of visual art, is aptly titled as ‘A journey through cave painting to modern art’ since it deals with the journey of human expression through visuals; we therefore call it visual ART.

We intend to make understand the variety of possibilities explored by human race to express through visuals, right from cave paintings several thousand years ago, where there were no tools. The workshop aims to imbibe the various techniques through a few assignments. Participants are introduced to easy steps to understand these various techniques.

The workshop conductor/instructor is a renowned national award winner, artist Vaishali Oak.

There is a considerable body of work produced in the workshop baked by digital presentation on the subject. A few selected artworks by each participant will be displayed in the form of an exhibition at Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum for next three days.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Off Bajirao Road, Natubag, Pune 411002.

For registration and details,
Please contact: Gopal Dandekar 9850943463 / 8087999437 (10:00am to 5:00pm)


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The Mission of artExperiments is to provide a lifeline to the aspiring artists, while celebrating landmark achievements and evolving new perspectives in Visual Art; primarily through a free Web based support system and a series of events for the art community; to help unite & broaden the art community, catalyze change and bring art & community into contemporary focus.

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‘A Journey from Cave Painting to Modern Art’ – Painting Workshop and Exhibition

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