a r t E x p e r i m e n t s . c o m
Sarah Zidonik (1983) USA 'Young Art' 2006
'Kwanisha' 114 x 51 cms
linocut and etching (hand sewn pieces together)
My work deals with otherworldly senses. I have been focusing over the past year on the influence of working with pediatric cancer patients. "Kwanisha" is about a 13 year-old girl who died from cancer during the time that I was working with her about once a week making art together. This piece deals with the transcendence of Kwanisha from this world into another. She had a beautiful spirit. Throughout the process of making this piece, and two others focusing on Kwanisha, I really developed a method of healing. It was an almost meditative way to say goodbye. In this way, my own art reflects and supports the ideas of arts in medicine for myself, and I hope for those patients that I work with as well.



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