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Miguel Avila, USA (b. 1975) 'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part I
'Bully Nation', Graphite on handmade paper, 30 x 24 cms.
Art is my passion, painting and drawing is my passion. When everything fits well all around me and I feel I am occupying the right space; that is when I'm working on my art. That is what makes me happy and in tune with the rest of the world. My work is inspired by culture and identity; a sense of place and the ironies of the world I live in. My art is done with a figurative style; I work close to the surface to create textures and details that increase along the development of the piece. My art asks the viewer to come closer, look further, and peer with diligence...for when the viewer is challenged...the drawings begin to reveal their "story"; and in the process...discloses the vulnerability of the subject matter; by means of light, color, shadow, voids, solids, and intricate layering of paint... These are works that stir curiosity and leave the viewer challenged with his or her interpretation. Wondering if they are "seeing" or better yet "feeling" my intentions for the painting or drawing...



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