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Akanksha Dhepe, India (b. 1981)'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part I
'Evolution 1', Etching, 30 x 45 cms
Price on request
Every seed has the ability to become a plant and the gradually in to mature tree who can bear fruit, similarly every embryo has got the ability to come to life, grow and develop itself into an individual. The womb, where every form at a time is unknown and then gradually known, change in every movement, bearing the sensitiveness of a growing life. My thought on womb has given me some watery forms and curves to play with. My present paintings are full of experiments that are done without any hesitation but of course in relation with my subject. As I can see abstraction in realistic things and so are my paintings abstract actually speaking I am still in the process of understanding and then painting abstraction of a “MOTHER’S WOMB”.



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